3 Budget-Friendly Ways Consumers Can Curb Waste With Coupons

3 Budget-Friendly Ways Consumers Can Curb Waste With Coupons

When you think about being a smart shopper, you likely think about savings. If you are working with a tight budget, searching for savings can be important, but being a smarter consumer also means looking for ways to reduce your impact on the environment. Too often, though, eco-friendly, organic, and sustainable products can come with a bigger price tag. That’s why consumers should research the products they plan on purchasing, and use the tips below to make going green less of a burden on their household budget, with the help of coupons and promo codes. 

Use Promo Codes to Upgrade Outdated Appliances 

Are you thinking about replacing older appliances with more energy-efficient options? Before you buy those big ticket items, you should check out Rakuten and similar sites for money-saving promo codes and cashback deals. Rakuten saves consumers money by organizing the latest promotions for top retailers in one convenient location. So whether you need a new refrigerator or want an eco-friendly air conditioner, coupon sites like Rakuten make it really easy to squeeze more out of your family’s budget, without putting a squeeze on the environment. Plus, by using online promo codes to make those big purchases, you can reduce the paper waste that can be created by using sites that require you to print coupons. Paper waste can lead to litter, overfilled landfills, and the decimation of essential forests. Are you wondering how to tell whether an appliance is eco-friendly? You can start by looking for Energy Star ratings. Products that display the Energy Star label have met strict EPA-regulated requirements around energy-efficiency. By purchasing these products, you can save the environment and also save yourself some cash. 

Use Coupons to Make Quality Products More Affordable 

When you shop, do you tend to value low prices over quality? That’s a common dilemma for folks who are looking to green up their consumer habits, but are also looking to stick to a tight budget. By purchasing those lower quality products, however, you may not be saving yourself any real money in the long run and you are definitely not doing the environment any favors. One great example of this price-quality consumer conundrum is the fast fashion industry. Many shoppers may not even realize the detrimental impacts that fast fashion can have on various ecosystems. When you purchase these low-quality and low-priced clothing items, you are inadvertently contributing to one of the planet’s largest carbon footprints. Not only that, but cheaply produced clothing items also tend to release microplastics in your washing machine, which end up polluting waterways and harming essential marine species. So instead of buying less expensive items to stretch your budget, consider using coupons to afford higher quality. Because when it comes to protecting the planet and your wallet, value tends to beat price. 

Use In-Store Specials and Apps to Switch to Green Cleaning 

It may seem counterintuitive, but the products you use to clean your home can actually be some of the dirtiest products, especially when it comes to their impact on the environment. Some of the most popular cleaning products on the market are ones that have landed in the “Hall of Shame” by the EWG. So if you want to live a more green and less toxic lifestyle, you should start by cleaning these problematic products out of your home and finding eco-friendly ways to dispose of them. Many local communities offer specialty disposal programs for potentially hazardous products, so look for one in your area. Once you have those dirty cleaning products out the way, you can start stocking up on eco-friendly cleaning options. Replacing your cleaning supplies can add up quickly, so you should also be sure to check for specials via in-store apps and to check sites like Rakuten for discounts and cashback offers. You can also use coupons for a few basic ingredients to create DIY non-toxic cleaners

With the future of our planet resting so heavily in our hands, it’s essential for consumers to find ways to trim their budget without taking advantage of the environment. Because your children and future generations are depending on you to make smarter shopping choices.

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